Cees' signature massage

For a truly unique experience, Cees de Vries, founder of Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals, offers his own signature massage. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and seeks maximum relaxation.

Book online?

Step 1: Click on 'Book now' at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: select your location (Leiden or Oegstgeest).

Step 3: select the duration and desired massage.

Step 4: at the top of the screen, select which staff member you would like to be massaged by (no preference is also possible).

Step 5: choose the date and time for your massage.

Step 6: fill in your details and indicate whether you want to pay on site or online.

Step 7: scroll down, agree to the booking conditions and click 'confirm appointment'.

Step 8: your booking is final after you receive confirmation via e-mail.

Experience different massage styles

Cees' signature massage is characterised by the combination of different styles. These include techniques from the flow relaxation massage (Lomi lomi),  Thai-Shiatsu- deep tissue massage, Kashmir- Whether the haptonomic massage. Many of our massages have influences from Haptonomy, the 'doctrine of feeling'. A haptonomic massage activates body awareness and has a relaxing effect.

During one extended session, you will be introduced to a wide pallet of massage forms from both the Western world and beyond. Ideal if you want to discover which massage form suits you best or experience something new. By applying various techniques, the masseur or masseuse will awaken all your senses. An enrichment for body and mind.

Want a massage more challenging than the 'classic' Swedish version? Experience Cees' signature massage.

Personal tuning

Despite the fact that a so-called signature dish in a restaurant is always the same, Cees' signature massage is never identical. Expect a personally tailored massage to suit what your body needs at that moment. The masseur or masseuse provides a harmonious mix of energy work, flow, deeper relaxation and tuned firm pressure points.

Cees' signature massage can be booked from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. 

About masseur Cees

Cees is a full-time masseur, lifestyle coach and haptonomist. His haptonomic background is therefore very characteristic of his massage. Sensing and aligning pressure points, which is relaxing. Against his firm massage style, there is also gentle pressure, energy work for flowing flow for more energy, surrender and release of tension. This is also where Cees' haptonomic/tantric background comes to the fore. The different backgrounds and extensive experience as a full-time masseur mean that Cees has his own 'signature' massage. A beautifully tailored massage.