Connective tissue massage for improved skin condition

For younger-looking skin, you don't have to visit a cosmetic doctor. A connective tissue massage is the ideal way to improve skin condition. This form of massage targets the skin layer between the muscles and the skin. Expect a firm massage with many beneficial effects on the skin structure.

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What can I expect from a connective tissue massage?

A connective tissue massage is an intensive form of massage performed in the deeper skin areas. Through slow and varied effleurages (strokes) and pressure techniques on the entire body, the skin is stimulated to renew itself. The massage stimulates circulation and activates the production of collagen and elastin. Massaging the connective tissue naturally firms the skin. For perfectly soft and hydrated skin, combine the massage with a body wrap or body scrub. At our practice, you can choose from a variety of body wraps including chocolate or a seaweed-based gel.

Give your skin a beauty boost with an intensive connective tissue massage

A real boost to your body

A connective tissue massage for the body has a wide range of benefits. The massage can be used both preventively and for skin problems. The following beneficial effects are achieved with this form of massage:

  • Better blood flow;
  • Stimulation of cell renewal;
  • Reduction of scars and fine lines;
  • Improving skin texture and skin tone;
  • Firming the skin and reducing cellulite.

After the treatment, your muscles will feel a lot smoother. For visibly skin-improving results, however, more treatments are needed. Connective tissue massage gives the best effect in a course of about 5 to 12 treatments.

Did you know that cupping is also a popular form of massage to tackle adhesions and cellulite? This technique uses warm cups that suck vacuum on the skin to massage the muscles to loosen them. Curious? Read more about our cupping massage here.

Connective tissue massage for your face

Connective tissue massage can be applied to the face in addition to the whole body. By firmly massaging the facial muscles, adhesions are loosened and waste products are effectively removed. Blood flow to the skin is stimulated in this way. The result of connective tissue massage for the face is a more even complexion and a radiant face. As a result, this facial massage is also considered an anti-ageing treatment.