Corporate massage

More and more companies are hiring a professional masseur to keep their staff healthy and fit. It is a small but very valuable investment with an effective character. A regular company massage combats absenteeism and ensures motivated employees. Besides massages in our own practice, Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals also offers workplace massages. Ideal as part of a corporate wellness programme.

Book online?

Step 1: Click on 'Book now' at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: select your location (Leiden or Oegstgeest).

Step 3: select the duration and desired massage.

Step 4: at the top of the screen, select which staff member you would like to be massaged by (no preference is also possible).

Step 5: choose the date and time for your massage.

Step 6: fill in your details and indicate whether you want to pay on site or online.

Step 7: scroll down, agree to the booking conditions and click 'confirm appointment'.

Step 8: your booking is final after you receive confirmation via e-mail.

On-site massage for any business

On-site massage is generally applicable to any company. Company massages are particularly highly recommended for prolonged unilateral strain and computer work. A regular massage helps reduce neck, back and shoulder complaints, but also works to prevent such complaints. With a massage between work or after the lunch break, you create a moment of rest for your employee. After the massage, he or she will have full energy and peace of mind to resume work.

Benefits of massage at work

A massage in the workplace has many benefits. A company massage, for instance, makes an important contribution to employees' vitality and work experience. Not surprisingly, more and more companies are rewarding their employees with a wonderful massage after a busy period or after achieving a target. Moreover, massages at work are a recognised occupational health and safety measure and therefore fiscally attractive. All the advantages of a company massage at a glance:

  • Reduces work stress;
  • Prevents RSI complaints;
  • Prevention of work-related complaints and absenteeism;
  • A good working atmosphere and improvement of corporate image;
  • Promoting productivity and creativity;
  • Employers benefit from tax breaks.

Opt for a subscription to company massages

Massage at work can be used on a regular basis to prevent and treat work-related complaints. Offering massages during working hours is also seen as an attractive secondary employment benefit. Leiden Spa Massages & Ritual offers a business subscription for companies in Leiden and the surrounding area. This gives employers a choice of various massages, such as our bind tissue massage or customised relaxation massage. For practical reasons, the hot stone massage is not among the choices.

Corporate massages have a positive effect on your employees' health and work experience

Our working method

Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals consists of a team of qualified masseurs. Our massages and working method are characterised by involvement and tailored to what the person/body needs. We come to your premises with one or more masseurs and take care of all the necessary equipment (such as towels, oil and the mobile massage table). As an employer, you have nothing to worry about. We agree the duration and type of massage with you in advance. Preferably, massages take place in a separate room.

Prior to the massage, we ask whether the employee is at ease to remove the outer clothing. If this is not the case, we offer a fine chair massage where clothing can be kept on.

Corporate massage costs

Offering massages in the workplace may be more attractively priced than you think. The tax authorities recognise (chair) massage as an effective means of preventing stress and work-related complaints. This has the advantage that company massages are tax deductible, provided the massages are included in an occupational health and safety plan and take place during working hours. Curious about our rates? At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals, we believe in customisation. Contact us without obligation for a quote to suit your corporate massage requirements.