Haptonomic massage

This massage is based on haptonomy, the 'doctrine of feeling', in which there is active feeling along with the tuned pressure points during the massage. A haptonomic massage is all about reconnecting with your body. It is a gentle massage using long strokes, tuned firm pressure points, light shaking and pulses.

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Haptonomy in brief

Haptonomy is the teaching of touch and feel. The term is an amalgamation of two Greek words: hapsis and nomosHapsis means feeling or sensation. Nomos means something like law or standard. Emotional touch plays a major role in haptonomy. The body is seen as a 'carrier of feelings' and is like a hard disk where all emotional experiences are stored. Negative emotional experiences can express themselves in certain movement patterns and a closed attitude. With haptonomy, you can get in touch with these feelings. Through touch, you become aware of your own blockages in order to subsequently temper them.

Become aware of your feelings with a haptonomic massage

Characteristic of a haptonomic massage are long, attuned feeling quiet strokes all over the body. Tuning in means getting more feeling for the other person. More contact, so in the massage this is mainly non-verbal. The result: relaxation! This can be done with or without oil. By touching several parts of the body in one long movement, the sense of unity of the body is strengthened. Besides strokes, pulsing, light shaking and oscillating (vibrating) are also applied. At Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals, you will never get a standard massage, but a haptonomic massage is generally always unique. The focus is on which body parts, for example back or legs, require the most attention. However, the whole is never lost sight of.

Haptonomy can be useful for chronic pain, relational problems, overwork and fatigue. This form of massage helps to cope better with tension, sadness or pain and to relax completely.

A haptonomic massage activates body awareness and has a relaxing effect

Haptonomy in brief

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, but can also be stressful due to the big changes ahead. With our haptonomic pregnancy massage, you and your baby will find peace of mind. Also, the massage has many physical benefits too. A pregnancy massage can effectively reduce various discomforts, such as back pain and fluid retention. In a comfortable back or side position, the abdomen and back are gently massaged. If desired, this can be complemented by a fine foot, scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Extra "we-time" for expectant mother and foetus! Looking for a different, gentle massage for absolute relaxation? Take a look at our Lomi lomi massage.

Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals also offers a unique couples massage for (pregnant) women and their partner. During the couple massage, your partner will learn how to massage you during pregnancy to provide relief and relaxation.