Oegstgeest Spa Massages & Rituals

At Oegstgeest, in the beautiful Old Town Hall in Wilhelminapark, Leiden Spa Massages & Rituals has a second branch. It is a place where everyone feels at ease. The pleasantly decorated rooms already provide relaxation. In Oegstgeest, all massage tables are equipped with extra comfort, which definitely suits the surroundings.

Massage Oegstgeest

Relaxation massage

Create the perfect me-time moment with a relaxation massage. It is a combination between relaxation and deep-tissue massage.
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Thai - Shiatsu Massage

Are you suffering from sore and stiff muscles? Book our Thai Shiatsu massage to quickly relieve certain neck and shoulder pain.
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Coaching massage

Our coaching massage is a haptonomy, sports and deep tissue massage in one. It focuses on sore muscles, pressure points and development opportunities.
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Relax with a hot stone massage

Let your muscles warm up and relax with a wonderful hot stone massage. Our hot stone massage is pure indulgence for the body!
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Cellulite and connective tissue massage
with cupping

Get to know the versatile massage technique cupping! Warm cups loosen adhesions and trigger collagen production.
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Haptonomic (pregnancy) massage

In a comfortable back and side position, much attention is paid to the back and abdomen. Supplemented by foot, scalp, neck and shoulder massage if desired.
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Lomi lomi massage

This Hawaiian massage is all about long, flowing movements.
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Cees' signature massage

Senior masseur Cees de Vries offers his own signature massage. Get to know a variety of styles.
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Connective tissue massage

A firm massage with many beneficial effects on skin structure.
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Duo massage

With a duo massage, you enjoy a fine massage together at the same time in one room.
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Workshop massage

In Couple massage, both partners are individually massaged separately in a massage of their choice.
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Corporate massage

A massage in the workplace has many benefits. For instance, a company massage makes an important contribution to employees' vitality and work experience.
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Face-head-foot massage

In the Face-head-feet massage, extra attention is paid to face, head and feet. For an extra deep effect of relaxation.
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Postnatal massage

Pregnancy and childbirth are intense periods, during which the body changes. Hence Leiden Spa offers postnatal massage.
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Reiki massage

Deep relaxation and self-healing go hand in hand with this massage. Through the laying on of hands, energy pathways are purified and bottlenecks in the body are removed.
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Post-Covid recovery massage

Covid-19 virus affects mental and physical health a lot in some people. Certain symptoms may persist for an extended period of time. Leiden Spa can help with recovery with post-Covid massage.
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Pregnancy massage

You can also get a massage if you are pregnant. Pregnancy is often accompanied by physical discomforts such as back pain, fluid retention and fatigue
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4-Hand massage

The 4-Hand Massage at Leiden Spa is a special experience, where you can enjoy twice. You will be massaged synchronously during the massage by two masseurs, using four hands.
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