Lomi lomi massage

Our Lomi lomi massage combines the best of a gentle relaxation massage and a light deep tissue massage. The massage is designed to feel and let your energy flow. Painful muscle knots and blockages in the body are released, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your skin!


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The Lomi lomi massage is healing for body and mind

A moment for yourself

Lomi Lomi is a traditional massage technique that originated in Hawaii. On this archipelago, this massage has been performed for centuries. Each generation has given its own twist to the Lomi Lomi massage, but basically the massage consists of long, flowing strokes with the hands, forearms and elbows. Did you know that there are also variations that involve working with sticks, stones or shells? Lomi Lomi massage techniques reflect the movements and rhythms of nature. The ocean waves on the coast of Hawaii in particular.

The Lomi Lomi massage gives extra energy and lets it flow which creates more balance. During the massage, you focus on opening energy channels in your body so that blockages can be released. The flowing, undulating strokes wash away tensions and negative emotions, as it were. You can think of this treatment as an energetic massage with a twist for complete body relaxation. Our Lomi lomi massage feels gentle, relaxing and meditative. Need more of a firm massage? Check out our connective tissue massage for a more spiritual approach.

All in all, Lomi lomi massage is a combination of various styles for good body relaxation. With Energy work and flow another layer of deeper relaxation; with more dynamics, attunement and connection in the massage, your energy becomes more palpable and starts flowing!