Post-Covid Recovery Massage

Covid-19 virus affects mental and physical health a lot in some people. Certain symptoms may persist for an extended period of time. These include fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle pain/weakness, palpitations, persistent elevation and forgetfulness. Leiden Spa can help with recovery with post-Covid massage.


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         Post-Covid massage stimulates self-healing capacity

A unique approach for everyone!

Post-Covid complaints are diverse and everyone deserves a unique approach. Hence, at this massage, we conduct an intake interview, mapping the situation. Based on these insights, we create a tailor-made massage.

Tailor-made massage stimulates self-healing abilities, allowing you to recover faster. In addition, it brings more positive effects:

  • Relaxation massage helps relax the respiratory muscle, making breathing easier.
  • A bindweave or cupping massage normalises the vegetative balance.
  • The immune system is activated.
  • Tailor-made massage and movement advice strengthen muscles.
  • Exercise and lifestyle recommendations reduce fatigue.

Besides massage, Leiden Spa also offers lifestyle coaching. Here, we offer a tailor-made programme, effectively linking massage and coaching. After all, recovery is influenced by lifestyle. That is why during this programme we give advice on a healthy diet, proper exercise and look at your daily routine and mental health. Once all these facets are in balance, recovery is boosted and post-Covid symptoms diminish.

Have you had Covid-19 and recognise the above symptoms? Leiden Spa helps with recovery.