Pregnancy massage

Even if you are pregnant (after about 12 weeks), you can have a massage. This is convenient because pregnancy is often accompanied by physical discomforts such as back pain, fluid retention and fatigue. 

A relaxing pregnancy massage can help reduce these symptoms. Just like a 'regular' relaxation massage, this massage has quite a few benefits. 

  • reduces the production of stress hormones 
  • offers relief from varicose veins. 
  • massage also stimulates blood flow, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach your organs and your baby. 
  • Of course, also just a rest, quiet moment for yourself. You deserve it; extra me-time.

Book online?

Step 1: Click on 'Book now' at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: select your location (Leiden or Oegstgeest).

Step 3: select the duration and desired massage.

Step 4: select the date and time for your massage.

Step 5: fill in your details and indicate whether you want to pay on site or online.

Step 6: scroll down, agree to the booking conditions and click 'confirm appointment'.

Step 7: your booking is final after you receive confirmation via e-mail.

How does a pregnancy massage work?

A pregnancy relaxation massage works a little differently from a regular massage. You probably can no longer lie comfortably on your stomach, especially if you are further along in pregnancy. A pregnancy massage avoids the pressure points that are connected to the uterus. It is good to know that in our practice, we have a massage table with a recess. In practice, massage is most often given lying on the side with additional support for the legs if necessary. Lying on the back is also very comfortable due to adjustable head and leg support. 

In addition, you can also experience pregnancy massage together with a partner, friend in the form of a duo massage. 

Call or write right away for an appointment. Due to our wide opening hours, there are always definite possibilities for a massage at short notice.

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