Thai - Shiatsu massage


Effective relief of neck and shoulder pain? With our Thai - Shiatsu massage, full attention goes to these areas

A moment for yourself

Tension accumulates in the shoulder blades and neck. This area can feel painful as a result. These pains an sich are obviously annoying enough, but soured muscles can also restrict your freedom of movement. Muscle tension and cramps in the upper body can also radiate to the head, resulting in headaches. With a Thai - Shiatsu massage, the tense muscles in the neck, back and shoulders are massaged to loosen them and stimulate circulation.

This massage technique pays extra attention to getting rid of daily tensions. The Thai - Shiatsu massage at our massage practice in Leiden focuses on the back, neck and shoulders. If desired, the scalp, hands and/or feet can also be massaged. During a 45- to 120-minute treatment, muscle knots are loosened and specific neck and shoulder complaints are quickly relieved. After the massage, the muscles feel a lot more supple and you will find that movement is easier.

The neck and shoulder massage can be combined well with another massage, fine body scrub or body wrap. Curious?