Oncology massage

Discover the healing power of oncology massages. Oncology massages are for people dealing with cancer. This soothing massage offers relief and provides support during or after treatments in hospital.

Oncology massage reduces nausea, improves sleep and relaxes the body naturally. Our experienced masseurs will make you feel surrounded by warmth and caring.

Who provides oncology massage?

Oncology massage is provided at Leiden Spa by Paula. She is trained at the Institute Massage for Cancer in Bilthoven. Paula's mission is to improve the quality of life of people affected by a form of cancer.


"I believe in the power of touch and am convinced that massage for cancer can help create a positive sense of support and comfort during a difficult time."

What can I expect from an oncology massage?

During oncology massage, our masseurs will use gentle massage techniques aimed at reducing tension, pain and stress. The emphasis is on promoting relaxation and helping to improve the overall balance of the body. Oncology massage is provided in such a way that it is safe, responsible and supportive. This massage can help reduce side effects of treatment such as fatigue, pain and emotional stress. There is also extensive attention to anamnesis (history).

Care and relaxation hand in hand:
Experience the healing power of oncology massage